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Sorry this is a short critique. The lighting color and sense of depth are really good. The picture is very evocative and I immediately ...


Sea Spray Ver. 2.0

Version 2.0 After some reflection, I decided to Streamline the front and put in a large windscreen.

Sea Spray is a UFO technology equipped spacecraft designed for interstellar explorers and travelers who have a particular interest in planetary oceans. It's anti gravity drives enable it to fly or hover above the water should weather or wave conditions be uncomfortable. In a way, this is my version of the Millennium Falcon which, for me, represents a life of space travel and high adventure. It is a fully independent (of a mother craft) star ship and can comfortably accommodate ten people.

Designed and created within 16 hours on my iPad Pro using Procreate.

The Last Vimana (digitally remastered)
According to ancient Sanskrit writings, thousands upon thousands of years ago, ancient human spacecraft know as Vimana once flew to the planets in our solar system and beyond. 
Something happened, possibly a global nuclear and scalar weapon holocaust and the ensuing climate and sea level changes wiped out almost all traces of that fallen civilization.

In my imagination, one military vimana pilot refused to carry out her destructive orders and instead saved her crew mates and ship from the devastation. Returning to Earth, she found there was no civilization left to return to. She spends the remainder of her life doing what she can to help and rescue some of the few survivors and eek out a living by learning how to live of the land and was among the survivors who had to start from scratch. 

I remember a quote from Einstein which went something like:

"I don't know how world war three will be fought, but world war four will be fought with sticks and stones"

Procreate app on iPad Pro. Based on a pencil sketch I posted some months ago.
Sea Spray

Sea Spray is a UFO technology equipped spacecraft designed for interstellar explorers and travelers who have a particular interest in planetary oceans. It's anti gravity drives enable it to fly or hover above the water should weather or wave conditions be uncomfortable. In a way, this is my version of the Millennium Falcon which, for me, represents a life of space travel and high adventure. It is a fully independent (of a mother craft) star ship and can comfortably accommodate ten people.

Designed and created within 16 hours on my iPad Pro using Procreate.

Video showing design and render process of Sea Spray:

Living in the New Paradigm (digitally remastered)

The year is 2217

Mahuika, like everyone else living in the new post-scarcity paradigm, can manifest anything she needs instantly. This future consciousness linked technology looks like magic to us. With such technology, she could just float up to her waiting spacecraft, or simply teleport aboard , but it's a beautiful evening, so she chooses to walk. Using her imagination, a glass staircase appears before her and leads up to her ship.

Humanity is enjoying a golden era of peace and space exploration, and has graduated to the stage necessary to allow general interaction with advanced ET civilizations. Mahuika is currently working with other ETs on a project involving contact with a less evolved civilization which is going through the dangerous nuclear technology phase of their development. Mahuika was invited to participate because Earth humans are much closer in historical, technological and spiritual terms to people of that troubled world than the other beings involved in the contact initiative. 

For all the advanced technology, people in the new paradigm live in balance with nature. Psychedelic (such as Ayahuasca and DMT) journeys and meditation are practiced. Centralized governments no longer exist. Consciousness has evolved from national to universal consciousness.

Based on my colour pencil which I did in 2015

YouTube video showing the process of how I created it on my iPad Pro using Procreate:
Electrogravitic Life 5 (digitally remastered)
Here I continue to explore the life of my future, to be, great great granddaughter. The year is 2093. My granddaughter is an artist and this is her secluded South Pacific island studio/home. There is no road access and indeed roads are no longer necessary since electrogravitic technology was released from the deep black projects of the military industrial complex. My daughter is able to travel to and from her studio by means of a UFO (actually human) technology equipped car.

Some information about the world since 2063..
With abundant free clean “UFO” energy technology, humanity has left behind the world of scarcity and limitation and has entered the post-scarcity world of abundance, freedom and choice. In this new golden age,   poverty, money, hunger and war no longer exist. Some choose to live in seclusion, others in cities some choose to travel and explore other worlds and interact with ETs and learn about their cultures, religions, sciences, art, music and histories. Many who prefer to stay on Mother Earth, live in small self sufficient eco communities close to nature. There, they live work and play together. They grow their own organic food.  They make their own houses and make their own clothes. Children are taught by elders within the community. Being constantly busy and under stress is no longer considered to be normal or healthy. Banks, money, passports, visas, birth certificates are becoming distant memories. Supermarkets and mega-marts no longer exist. People are no longer debt slaves in a corporate machine system. Centralised governments no longer exist. National consciousness  has evolved into global and universal consciousness. Humanity is once again living in harmony with itself and nature.

In order to manifest the world we want for ourselves and future generations, we must first imagine it. As an artist, I like to stimulate the imagination and present a utopian vision of the future to myself and others. The corporate mainstream media and the entertainment industry most often paint a very dark dystopian vision of the future. It is interesting as to how and why it is, that the vast majority have been programmed, so deeply, by our corporate producer-consumer culture, to scoff at and ridicule the very idea of utopia.
This kind of automatic reaction, is the result of mind control and programming by powerful Human forces which seek to keep each of us locked into the debt-slave corporate consumer producer mode of existence.

Inspired by the work of Dr. Steven Greer and Nassim Haramein and others.

  • Listening to: sleeping
  • Reading: sleeping
  • Watching: dreaming
  • Playing: sleeping
  • Eating: sleeping
  • Drinking: sleeping
Tomorrow is the end of the Mayan calendar. It is an important marker in the cycles of time. It is a time of rebirth and renewal. We are co-creators of our reality. Help the transition by projecting the emotion of deep gratitude and by visualing the kind of world you want to see. For me it is a world full of Love adventure and happiness for everyone. A world of re-connecting with nature and of free clean unlimited energy. It is a time of abundance and a time of the ending of our planetary quarantine and re-connection with our cosmic brothers and sisters. A time of Universal Love and Peace.


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James Fletcher
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
I'm interested in spirituality as opposed to religion. UFOs, crop circles and free energy technology. I'm a full time English teacher in Japan and a self taught artist.

Current Residence: Japan
Favourite genre of music: Rave, Techno
Operating System: Windows xp
MP3 player of choice: iphone
Personal Quote: We are all infinite and eternal spiritual beings. Our purpose here is not to become corporate slaves



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I notice you’re from Japan.

I’ve gotten quite fascinated with Japanese history and culture!


I've found that a lot of people here in the U.S. don't know much about their

own country, much less anyone else's.  :(


I post prayer updates about different countries. Part of the reason is to raise

awareness about what's going on in the rest of the world.


Recently I’ve started a personal initiative; if I notice someone on DA is from

another country, If I've done their country I let them know.  It’s my way of letting

them know that others are thinking about their home. :)


This one is about your home!

Pray for JapanJapan is an island nation in East Asia.
It is located in the Pacific Ocean, east of China, North and South Korea and Russia.
Japan is made up of over 6 thousand islands.
The four largest islands are Honshū, Hokkaidō, Kyūshū and Shikoku.
The population is over 127 million.  
Tokyo is the capital and has over 30 million residents.
Japanese call their country the 'Land of the Rising Sun.'
Mount Fuji is the tallest mountain in Japan and one of Japan's Three Holy Mountains:
Mount Fuji
Mount Haku
Mount Tate
Japan is very mountainious and most of the population lives along the coasts.
There are 34 different ethnic groups.
The Yamoto is the largest and dominant group.
Other groups are the Ainu, Ryukyuans, Nivkh, Oroks, Koreans, Taiwanese.
Japan has the the oldest continuing hereditary monarchy in the world.
Japan has long been known for its Samurai, a hereditary warrior class.
Japan has the world's tenth-largest population.
Tokyo is the largest metropolitan area


GOD bless

John 3:16


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