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Sorry this is a short critique. The lighting color and sense of depth are really good. The picture is very evocative and I immediately ...


Anger Is An Energy by JamesF63
Anger Is An Energy
This drawing was inspired by John Lydon's (Johnny Rotten) book 'Anger is an Energy'.
The sex pistols channeled their anger into a very powerful and world changing music.
Anyone born into a world of corrupt politicians, poverty and nuclear weapons has every right to be angry. And, they were right, Anarchy is the way and the regime, is indeed, a fascist one. Their honesty is very refreshing. They were young and passionate and, in my opinion, changed music and the world for the better.

Size is 58 x 41cm
Staedtler 7B and 8B pencils on cartridge paper.

Living in the New Paradigm 3 by JamesF63
Living in the New Paradigm 3
The year is 2215
My future descendant, Mahuika has anti-gravity  and trans-dimensional consciousness enhancing technology (UFO technology). She, like everyone else living in the new post-scarcity paradigm, can manifest anything she needs, instantly. She could just float up to her waiting spacecraft, but it's a beautiful evening, so she chooses to walk. Using her imagination, a glass staircase appears before her and leads up to her ship. If she needs a rest, the stairs can simply move like an escalator.  When done, the staircase de materializes. Her jumpsuit is a marvel of electrogravitic (anti-gravity) technology. It also can keep Mahuika thermally comfortable in any environment. 
Humanity is enjoying a golden era of exploration, both inner and outer. Spacecraft transverse different dimensional realms when trans locating to various star systems. Humanity has graduated to the stage necessary to allow general interaction with advanced ET civilizations. Mahuika is currently working with other ETs on a project involving contact with a less evolved civilization which is going through the dangerous nuclear energy phase of their technological development. Mahuika was invited to participate because Earth humans are much closer in historical, technological and spiritual terms to that troubled civilization than many of the other extremely advanced civilizations involved in that particular contact initiative.
For all the advanced technology, people live in balance with nature. Psychedelic (such as ayahuasca and DMT) journeys and meditation form part of the new paradigm cultural practices. Centralized governments no longer exist. Consciousness has evolved from national, to global and universal consciousness. 
Inspired by the work of Bashar, Terence McKenna, Dr. Steven Greer, Nassim Haramein, Richard Hoagland and others.
DreamCatcher by JamesF63
The latest project from FletchAir is The all new DreamCatcher Mk. 2
DreamCatcher is an intergalactic and Trans-dimensional excursion vehicle designed for independent (of a mothership) extended missions in deep space and extra terrestrial planetary exploration. It can comfortably accommodate a crew or family of six.
DreamCatcher utilizes the very latest zero-point anti-gravity electrogravitic technology.
It's state of the art systems and construction allows for lifetimes of zero maintenance usage. DreamCatcher is fabricated in space utilizing materials from asteroid mining. It produces no pollution and consumes no fuel. DreamCatcher is at home on land, water, ice or in the air. It can hover and move silently without producing noise or emissions. 
It has two living decks and a lower storage deck.
Humanity has entered a post-scarcity mode of existence and so all the problems of war, poverty and enmity no longer exist.
The NWO has been dismantled by the people and centralized governments no longer exist. 
There is so much more to tell you.. But another time..

Inspired by the work of Dr. Steven Greer, Nassim Haramein, Richard Hoagland and many other people who are working to bring this technology out of deep black unacknowledged projects and into the light of day.

Pencil on paper A4 size
Nightwish 2 by JamesF63
Nightwish 2

Nightwish 2 is a UFO technology equipped flying house-boat-spaceship. 
This craft is able to levitate silently and travel anywhere in our universe without consuming fuel or producing pollution. The design caters for those who like to experience planetary oceans, and those who enjoy experiencing extreme weather and wave conditions.
Incidentally a few interesting facts about the future:
Passports, visas and other identification documents such as birth certificates no longer exist. No form of biometric or other security systems are necessary for travel or any other reason.
Humanity has entered a post-scarcity mode of existence and so all the problems of war, poverty and enmity no longer exist.
The NWO has been dismantled by the people and centralized governments no longer exist. 
There is so much more to tell you.. But another time..

Inspired by the work of Dr. Steven Greer, and Nassim Haramein.

Pencil on paper A4 size
SkyRay by JamesF63
FletchAir Skyray.
New Paradigm vision of an UFO technology equipped family flying houseboat. SkyRay can comfortably accommodate five. It can operate in anti-gravity mode or in aerodynamic mode (for recreational "real" flying). It produces zero pollution and can take the family to any location on planet Earth. After the shift in collective human consciousness, there will be no need for passports, no poverty, no war. Centralized governments no longer exist. The NWO (New World Order) has been dismantled by the people of Earth.


JamesF63's Profile Picture
James Fletcher
Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
I'm interested in spirituality as opposed to religion. UFOs, crop circles and free energy technology. I'm a full time English teacher in Japan and a self taught artist.

Current Residence: Japan
Favourite genre of music: Rave, Techno
Operating System: Windows xp
MP3 player of choice: iphone
Personal Quote: We are all infinite and eternal spiritual beings. Our purpose here is not to become corporate slaves


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