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Sorry this is a short critique. The lighting color and sense of depth are really good. The picture is very evocative and I immediately ...


Sky Hub by JamesF63
Sky Hub
Sky Hub, completed in 2063, is a crowd funded project. It utilizes UFO (actually Human developed) technology. Sky hub is intended to be free to use by anyone or any group in need of a meeting place, conference space, accommodation, recreation, or temporary base of operations for any number of on world or off world projects. Sky Hub, like many other large scale building projects, is fabricated in orbit utilizing materials from asteroid mining and then gently floated down to earth. It has zero footprint on the landscape which helps with the massive biosphere healing program underway on our planet.
My great granddaughter is arriving for a few weeks vacation and plans to meet up with friends and family.
Sky Hub produces no pollution or noise. It cruises at walking pace, but is capable of 80km/hr. It has a maximum ceiling of 3600m.
After a bitter series of catastrophes both human made and natural, Human consciousness has at last evolved beyond the world of limitation, centralized governments, and thus war. The NWO's (New World Order) ruling elites have been de-throned and their infrastructure of control has been permanently dismantled by the people. It is a world of universal peace, Love, and intergalactic and inter dimensional exploration and travel. 
Consequently, the human race is once again, after thousands of years, free to associate with our ET cousins. It is indeed the beginning of an exciting era of co-creation, space exploration and healing the Earth's biosphere.
My great granddaughter lives a life of freedom and adventure in a paradigm which allows every person the opportunity to develop their passions and talents to their maximum potential.
We, as individuals, are co-creators and together we will create such a world. Anything we imagine, we can create.

A4 size ink and colour pencil on smooth white card.
Stingray by JamesF63
Stingray is a small single or tandem seat recreational UFO technology equipped aerospace craft capable of silent vertical takeoff and landing or hover. It consumes no fuel but instead draws energy from the vacuum of space-time (zero-point energy). It produces no pollution.
It can also land and operate on and in water. 
Inspired by Dr Steven Greer's book Hidden Truth Forbidden Knowledge and by the work of Nassim Haramein and others.
Colour pencil and ink. A4 size.
Burning Man in the Sky Festival 2115 by JamesF63
Burning Man in the Sky Festival 2115
Burning Man In The Sky 2115
A vision of the annual Burning Man festival as it may be in the year 2115.
Humanity and the planet survived the "shift" and now exists in a new paradigm in which the problems of war, poverty and environmental destruction have been solved. UFO technology and it's associated free, clean energy is now the norm. People are free to spend their time exploring their talents, creativity, consciousness and the universe.
The Burning Man festival still takes place in the Nevada desert and Burning Man in the Sky takes place in the skies over the Brazilian rainforest.

Size A4 ink and colour pencil on smooth white card.
Tesla Gannet by JamesF63
Tesla Gannet
Tesla Gannet Mk. 3
UFO technology equipped Aerobike able to takeoff and land silently in anti-gravity mode. Uses state of the art electrogravitic technology and hyper-diamond fiber technology. Super strong and feather light. Perfect for soaring among the clouds or low altitude sightseeing. Fully integrated into the world air traffic control net for almost complete flight plan freedom at any altitude.
Tesla Gnat Mk. V by JamesF63
Tesla Gnat Mk. V
2063 Tesla Gnat Mk. V
UFO technology equipped recreational aerobike. Designed for terrain hugging seat of the pants adrenaline pumping fun! Able to take off and land silently in vertical takeoff and landing mode (VTOL).

Ink and colour pencil. Size A4


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James Fletcher
Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
I'm interested in spirituality as opposed to religion. UFOs, crop circles and free energy technology. I'm a full time English teacher in Japan and a self taught artist.

Current Residence: Japan
Favourite genre of music: Rave, Techno
Operating System: Windows xp
MP3 player of choice: iphone
Personal Quote: We are all infinite and eternal spiritual beings. Our purpose here is not to become corporate slaves


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